Erotic Romantic Comedies – eBooks II

“Lady, I want you to stop seducing my son! Hell, what are you, thirty-two, thirty-four, Rob is seventeen..there’s room for a whole other person!”

Calculated Risk was on the top 100 paid list of over 34 countries on iTunes!

Amazon US: CALCULATED RISK (Romantic Comedy)


She’s got MALE!
What’s a girl to do – trapped by the storm of the century just two days before New Year’s Eve, in a bank, with one sexy banker who is hoping for ‘shared bodily warmth!’

Amazon US: SPECIAL DELIVERY – Romantic Comedy Nook audible
****Stellar Reviewed Audiobook – voted #4 out of top 10 audiobooks for 2012 and the ONLY Indie audiobook! Has been on’s erotic bestseller’s list for over 2 years! HEAR why over 3000 have been sold!



Read what happens when revenge turns into wants and needs – then seduction.

Free Kindle Book Cover Templates

Amazon US:LADY BE BAD (Romantic Comedy)   Nook


 Big thank you to Sean Sydney for this magical review of Lady Be Bad he posted on YouTube!


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