SEDUCTION SALE – 99cents LADY BE BAD on Amazon/Nook/iTunes

Read and Hear what happens when revenge turns into seduction and seduction turns ……. erotic!    99cents for Amazon, Nook, iTunes – plus it’s whispersynced which means buy the eBook on Amazon (or if you already have it) grab up the highly reviewed audiobook for $1.99!

She was tired of being Miss Nice Girl – especially when her ex-husband became engaged to another woman. She wanted answers. And he was the only man who could provide them!

Fabulous NEW review: “I must admit that I hated Noah for the first part of the book. What he did…….was beyond rotten and I cried. Then I caught a “clue” that later turned into fact. I now love Noah and I loved him with Marlayna. Funny, sexy read and now I am spending all my money on more books by this author.”

new lady200x300

lady audiobook cover

Narrator Jill Arehart is “fantastic: 5 Star performance”…”Jill Arehart clearly delineates the emotional state of all the characters – 5 Stars” …Whispersync to the eBook for $1.99 no membership required.    Zon US  – Audible    Nook


Take a tour the real Singer Castle on Dark Island –

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