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no easy way out 2She was ready to take off everything but her mask!

Amazon US: NO EASY WAY OUT (Romantic Comedy) audible  –

Great reviews including:

Conversations run from patently absurd topics to cleverly phrased and written banter that feels true to each character, and none better epitomizes the perky, pushy and often bossy best friend Diane, who is never at a loss for advice, even when some is badly thought out.

Narration in this story is provided by Katie McAble and the effects varied for me. Her voice is young and fresh, and she did capture the delivery inflection needed to distinguish characters so important in an AudioBook. I’d most certainly look for more titles that she is narrating, and not hesitate to listen to more.
audio one way redoneAbby protected her mother and sister – but could Nick tear down her wall, when he had secrets of his own?

Amazon US: ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (Romantic Comedy) –

*********“One Way or Another narrated by Janina Edwards will delight your ears! The sheer quality of her voice and the fact that she is able to ‘be’ all the characters is stunning!”
In fact, the reviews on Janina’s narration made it Audible’s Best Reviewed Romance Novel of October 2012!


Read what happens when a Saint becomes fascinated by a Sinner!

Read the romance for every woman who’s never had the nerve!

Amazon US: DESIGNING WOMAN – (Romantic Comedy)

The fabulous reviews are in for the audio book:

  • Cleverly written dialog with a realistic story and characters

    Characters are well developed and walk into the room to meet you

    What about Sheila Book’s performance did you like?

    Narrator voice is soothing, and easy to understand with beautiful enunciation.  All voices were clear to distinguish.

    This is a laugh out loud book – with moments of chin dropping “I wish I thought of that when” moments

    Tons of fun – great book for commuting as long as you don’t mind the looks and stares from the laughing. Realistic story line that is character driven and does not disappoint.





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