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Guess who’s on an APP!!!  Me! In the Author’s Spotlite – right now it’s an android APP but more are following:
Pixel scroll Rocks!

Pixel scroll Rocks!

revised cover for DO

Hot News!

 I was stunned to learn that Double Occupancy had actually been on Summer Daniel’s fabulous FaceBook page: What to read after 50 Shades of Grey – top 50 books – for 1 year at an average of #30!  That was in April – now at over 22 continuous months  – Travis & Casey are #13! (2/11/2014)

Double Occupancy is totally different from most of the books on that list.  Why? First it is NOT a BDSM novel, there’s no fuzzy handcuffs, no #10 rope, no collars, whips, spanking benches, and the characters are adults (no college-age ‘twinkies’ or frat boys).

           Follow a trail of great reviews like:  “Just a great story – that makes a woman feel positive about herself and the man who has fallen madly in love with her!” “Funny and sunny with great descriptions, very realistic for two people that barely know each other, the author really nails down the romance path of two complicated and opposite people finding a common sense of attraction. This book is very HOT!!! A must read.” “Loved it! Highly recommend anything by this author. In depth characters and finding love in the villa they are sharing with just a little deceit and a lot of erotic steam” 

         Now you can HEAR Double Occupancy – Bella Czar’s award-winning duo: Destiny Landon & Lee James, along with fabulous original music and even some fun sound effects (no not that type!) make Travis & Casey come alive – hear a sample – on (this is a good reason to join! What great gift ideas audio books + Mp3 player), iTunes & connected to the ebook on Amazon. If you own the eBook – you can buy the audiobook for just $1.99 with the Whispersync program. 


Hotter News!

Update on Caught in a Trap!

Thanks to my hard working Street Team – they are proofing as I do the final edits on Kit Forrester and Rafe Morgan.

Totally updated, expanded and significantly changed – Caught in a Trap is based on my #1 bestselling romance: A Dream Come True which was a Dell Ecstasy Release.

I can’t wait for you to meet Kit Forrester, a woman with a shocking past. A woman who has lied all her life.  A woman whose cruise vacation sank like the Titanic. But she couldn’t tell her friends that!

So she lied. Created the cruise of every woman’s dreams – including the man of her dreams.

And then – he showed up!  More than ready to claim his fiancée!

 Caught in a Trap – is one romantic comedy that will make you laugh out loud, probably cry a bit, cheer for Kit, fall in love with Rafe, and provide you with a great, explicit love story featuring grown-up adults!


Here's a sneak peek!

Here’s a sneak peek at my mystery novel

I am so excited! Here’s a rough cover for my mystery series featuring Roman Cantrell & Nikki Holden.  Book List called them: “a star-crossed duo we are rooting for.”   I will be updating and expanding Dangerous Places and then Dark Corners….followed by Rough Edges!

2 responses to “HOT NEWS

  1. Nancy Binkley

    I was so excited to see that you are releasing your books that I read years ago! I lost all of my books in the 2012 Oklahoma wildfires and am trying to replace my favorites in ebook form rather than in paperback. I decided that if I had, had a Kindle I wouldn’t of lost as many. So now it’s a treasure hunt looking for my favorites and when I saw you were going to release A Dream Come True now Caught In A Trap that just made my day! How much longer till the release? I absolutely can’t wait to get a copy of one of my old favorites again!
    I did read Double Occupancy and it was great! I wasn’t sure since I knew you had updated it, but it was an excellent read!

    • Thank YOU Nancy! Yes all but No Easy Way Out and One Way or Another (Tender Yearnings) have been updated. Caught in a Trap is becoming quite a book with just the basic premise being from A Dream Come True…it’s now twice that size! I’m hoping to get it done by the end of March… I hope you’ll consider posting reviews..we author’s need them…

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